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Jalil Otmani - Inspecteur en bâtiment Montréal
Jalil Otmani
Inspecteur en bâtiment

Independently owned and authorized by Inspec-Thor inc.

Jalil a une facilité à :

  • Analyser une construction au regard des matériaux et de la mise en œuvre,
  • Interpréter des plans et des devis,
  • Effectuer le traitement informatisé de données techniques,
  • Déterminer des quantités de produits, de matériaux et de main-d’œuvre,
  • Se reporter à la législation applicable aux domaines de la construction et de l'estimation,
  • Entretenir des relations continues avec les clients,
  • Estimation et cout de projet,
  • Gestion de projet,
  • Capacité de lire le code de la construction du Québec,
  • Inspections de bâtiments,

Il a suivi avec succès une formation en Technique d’inspection en bâtiments à l’Institut grasset, une formation de Gestion d’entreprise de construction, Estimateur en construction, et détient une licence RBQ.

Il est membre actif d’internachi Québec, détient une assurance erreur et omission, responsabilité civile.

Il est votre bouche et vos oreilles en inspection de bâtiment, faite lui confiance, il saura vous guider.

Jalil Otmani
Certified home inspector

Jalil Otmani - Home inspector Montreal
Member in good standing of:

International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) Inspecteur en bâtiment membre de l’Association Nationale des Inspecteurs et Experts en Bâtiment (ANIEB) Consiel National de Certification des Inspecteurs Immobiliers (CNCII)


Cities served by Jalil Otmani - Home inspector Montreal

Montréal, Ouest de l’ile (West Island), Ville St-Laurent, Anjou, Pierrefonds, Plateau mont-royal, Ville Lasalle, Verdun...

Services offered by Jalil Otmani - Home inspector Montreal

  • Pre-purchased inspection

    Non-exhaustive visual inspection of a property done before a real estate transaction to determine the state of the property at the moment of the inspection.

  • Pre-sale inspection

    Non-exhaustive visual inspection of a property done beforehand to determine the state of the property at the moment of the inspection..

  • Pre-Possession Inspection

    Following a pre-purchase inspection, and to the client’s request, the inspector will go back on site of the previously inspected building in order to confirm that all aspects to be corrected, during the first inspection, have been looked into according to the code of practice.

  • Track renovations

    You are renovating? Depending on the magnitude of the renovations, the inspector will conduct 2 or 4 visits and will ensure that the work is being done in accordance to the code of practice while respecting the building code..

  • Track construction

    During the construction of your new home, a building inspector will follow-up for you, 4 visits are implied: 1- Foundation and structure, 2 – Plumbing, electrical and insulation, 3 – Interior/Exterior finishing, 4 Final inspections, everything in accordance to the building code.

  • Protec-Thor Recognition inspection

    A recognition inspection is a non-exhaustive visual inspection of a property, for a period of more or less 90 minutes. Its objective is to inform the seller of the different work to be carried out in order to accelerate the sale of the property.

  • The thermographic inspection for your home

    Certain company offers thermography inspection... beware! Although all our home inspectors have completed basic training in thermography, we do not offer this service which is an expertise. Do not be fooled by companies that offer thermography and visual inspection at the same price as a visual inspection. You should only use a infrared inspector trained by a reputable company (such as Snell Infrared Canada) and certified to at least Level 1 in accordance with ASNT TC-1A Thermal Infrared...

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