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Choosing a home inspector

Choosing a building inspectorIt is often said that the purchase of a home will be the most important and expensive transaction of your life. Contrary to other purchases, there is no money back guarantee or return policy if you are not satisfied with the house that you purchased. As soon as you become a home owner, you are responsible for your home’s maintenance and repairs, you will also be required to prevent problems and pay the bills. This is why it is important to obtain as much information as possible on the potentials problems beforehand.

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A regular maintenance of your home is the key

Inspecting your home on a regular basis and doing maintenance work is all it takes to protect your investment. Whether you complete work from time to time or tackle many projects at once, it is important to make a habit of it. Establish a routine and you will notice that the tasks are easy to do and do not require that much time. A seasonal maintenance calendar may prevent the most common problems – and the most expensive ones – before they should even occur. If needed, use a camera to take pictures of everything you want to show an expert to seek his opinion, to follow the situation’s development or to serve as a reminder.

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Questions & answers

Discover frequently asked questions to our inspectors.

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Capsules juridiques

Capsules juridiques pour inspecteur en bâtimentIl nous fait plaisir de vous présenter les capsules juridiques offertes par ?Assist-Toit.

Tous les mois venez consulter une nouvelle capsule qui traite des divers problèmes entourant les vices cachés. Nous espérons que les informations contenues dans les différentes capsules sauront vous intéresser et vous être utiles.

Bonne lecture!

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